New Silver-Based Antimicrobial Coating for Clothing Uses Wine & Chocolate Chemicals!

Jiangxi JiYu New Material Co., Ltd. recently announced the development of a revolutionary new antimicrobial and anti-odor coating for clothing and textiles. The company has found a cost-effective and convenient way to apply a silver-based antimicrobial clear coating to existing or new textiles, using polyphenols that are commonly found in wine and chocolate.

This breakthrough technology is set to revolutionize the textile industry by providing more hygienic materials with improved odor control while also helping reduce energy costs associated with laundering clothes frequently. With this latest innovation, Jiangxi JiYu New Material Co., Ltd is pushing boundaries in textile production and paving the way for safer fabrics across industries such as healthcare, hospitality, sportswear, workwear etc.

Founded in August 2016 at Lichuan Industrial Park in Fuzhou of Jiangxi Province, the company covers an area of approximately 15000 square meters including nearly 7000 square meters of building areas which are fully compliant with GMP requirements from national drug administration departments. It has established strict quality assurance systems according to state standards ISO9001:2008; ISO13485:2012; CE 0434; EN14683:2019 ; FDA 510K ,etc .The company’s goal is to become one of China’s leading manufacturers for medical grade material products used by many industries around world.

This new coating will not only make fabrics last longer but also resist dirt better than before reducing washing time up to 90%. Moreover its biocidal action kills bacteria on contact making it ideal for high risk situations such as hospitals where hygiene levels must be maintained at all times. In addition this innovative approach provides significant environmental benefits since it reduces water consumption required during laundering process up 80%, allowing facilities save money on utility bills over long run without compromising cleanliness standards expected by customers..

Overall this technological advancement promises a range different advantages ranging from improved safety measures against bacterial infections through increased longevity when compared traditional methods currently employed other companieswidely accepted within market sector today . As we continue strive bring best possible solutions our clientele looking forward taking steps future encourage growth both economically socially beneficial manner feasible terms available resources allocated towards task hand .

Post time: Mar-01-2023