Pure Problems Of Water-Based Ink In PVC Color Film Intaglio Printing

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As an alternative to traditional paint, PVC color film is a widely used decorative material for modern household cabinets, wardrobes, blister wood doors, integrated walls, plastic floors and other building materials due to its high efficiency and realistic color. The traditional PVC plastic color film is printed by solvent based ink intaglio printing. Because there are a large number of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the solvent based system, the volatilization of VOCs in the printing process brings bad production and operation environment, odor residue and solvent volatilization, which brings about gas pollution and waste of petrochemical resources.

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Problems Of Water-Based Ink In PVC Film Gravure Printing

In recent years, with the tightening of environmental policies, customers are gradually changing to environmentally friendly water-based inks with water as the main dilution solvent. Due to the high volatilization potential of water, the volatilization speed and drying speed are slow. The market promotion of water-based ink is huge. Although the actual use has been greatly improved compared with previous years, the proportion is still low. The development of water-based ink instead of traditional solvent based ink in PVC film intaglio printing mainly has the following problems:
1. Drying efficiency problem caused by volatilization speed of water;

2. The difference between the use requirements of traditional solvent based ink equipment and plate roller and water-based ink;

3. The operator is not sure about the characteristics of water-based ink, and the influence of traditional ink usage and operation habits;

4. After many tests, the printing enterprises have insufficient confidence in water-based products due to low printing effect, performance and printing efficiency;

5. The water-based ink requires the printing equipment to be dry and wet in the drying channel and the requirements of the shallow net hole plate roller, which brings high investment;

6. The tightening of environmental protection policies has kept many printing units using oil-based ink in a wait-and-see period for a long time.

The Development Of Environmental Protection Ink Represented By Water-Based Ink Is Imperative

At present, PVC film intaglio printing ink is a subdivision of the intaglio printing field, and the environmental protection of products represented by water-based ink is imperative. There are several convenient reasons for this:
1. The national development and Reform Commission has long explicitly required that the production and printing use of solvent based inks should not be approved;

2. The national safety and environmental protection policies will be tightened year by year. The existing production and use units will shift from unorganized emission to organized emission in VOCs treatment. Meanwhile, the organized emission will be collected and treated by standard treatment equipment to meet the emission standards. C. The online monitoring will be appropriately increased to monitor the treatment effect. The illegal emission, leakage emission, small-scale emission and non-standard emission will be gradually eliminated due to the high pressure of environmental protection treatment, It can be said that the intensity of supervision and punishment is gradually increasing. Whether it is the ink production unit or the printing user, standardization, scale and standardization will be the long-term plan for the future development of the printing industry.

3. In the production, transportation, packaging material disposal and other links of oil-based products, the relevant dangerous goods and hazardous wastes will be gradually standardized, which requires the ink production and printing use units to change from the original extensive management to fine management in this respect, which will lead to cost increase.

4. The water-based ink has a certain product foundation in PVC film intaglio printing technology. The printing speed of PVC film color does not want to be several hundred meters per minute for soft bags. It can approach or reach the printing speed of solvent ink as long as the drying conditions of the existing equipment of the product and printing unit are slightly adjusted.

5. The downstream furniture industry's awareness and requirements for environmental protection have increased year by year, and water-based furniture has become the selling point of low odor and high environmental protection; The pressure of safety and environmental protection and the pull of downstream customers will gradually drive the development of water-based environmental protection in the PVC film gravure printing industry.

Requirements Of PVC Color Film Intaglio Printing On The Performance Of Water-Based Ink Products

In terms of product characteristics, the substitution of water for traditional organic solvents not only brings about the problems of slow drying speed and low printing efficiency, but also brings many problems such as wetting and spreading, continuous use blistering, water ripple, dot diffusion and continuous use stability in the printing process. From the printing point of view, the water-based ink replaces the traditional solvent based ink in the application of PVC film intaglio printing. Without changing the printing screen, there are corresponding requirements for the water-based ink, regardless of the use performance or material performance index. There are the following aspects:
1. The product has good viscosity stability and small fluctuation in continuous use;

2. The product has low odor and small odor residue after printing;

3. Good drying balance performance, not prone to dry plate and blocking;

4. The continuous use of unstable foams basically does not produce bubbles, and the wetting and spreading are good;

5. Keep the pigment as consistent as possible with the solvent type, with high color concentration, which is more convenient for operators to color;

6. On the premise of not changing the crude oil version roll, the dot transfer is clear, and it is not easy to diffuse or appear water ripples;

7. After printing and rewinding, it is not easy to back stick at different storage temperatures;

8. After hot pasting, the PVC facial mask and the printed color film meet the ink bonding strength standard.


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