2.2-Dimethylolpropionic Acid or Bis(hydroxymethyl)propionic Acid (DMPA) CAS NO.: 4767-03-7 Manufacture

Short Description:

Molecular Formula:  C5H10O4

CAS NO.: 4767-03-7

Molecular Weight:  134.13

Melting Point:  178~187ºC

Appearance:  WHITE CRYSTAL

Purity:  99%

Product Detail

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DMPA is odorless, free-flowing white crystal, easily soluble in water, methyl alcohol, dimethylformamide, but hardly soluble in acetone, benzene and methylbenzene.

It is used as chain extender and hydrophilic agent. It is widely applied in manufacturing of water-based paint, water-based tackiness agent, and water-based leather finishing agent. 

DMPA is packaged in 25kg aluminium foil bag or on customer demand

DMPA should be preserved sealed in cool and dry place;  Please put 10cm plank under the goods and keep them 50cm from wall. 


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  • Our company is named Jiangxi Jiyu New Material Co.,ltd.  It is specialized in research, manufacturing and selling of Hydrophilic Chain-Extending Agent.  For example, 2,2-BIS(Hydroxymethyl) propionic Acid (DMPA) and 2,2-BIS(Hydroxymethyl) butyric acid (DMBA).  DMPA and DMBA are widely used in manufacturing of water-based paint, water-based tackiness agent, water-based printing ink and water-based leather finishing agent.

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